I celebrate family every day. Whether it be my husband, my children, parents, siblings, niece, or nephews… there is always a reason to enjoy each other’s company.

— Celebrate the family with 7 on a Shoestring.

We travel to vacation destinations that accommodate both us and our four-legged family.

— Ways to celebrate the family by Mommy Upgrade.

We share our time together playing sports. Not only does it keep our children active but it allows us to cheer each other on as we partake in a family activity.

— Excerpted from HaveUHeard.

Weather it’s playing board games, relaxing by the lake, cooking together or just having a good talk, family time is a great way to come back to your roots and realize who and what you came from!

— Fun ways to celebrate the family by Musing Maine-iac.

One of our personal favorites because it involves cuddle time is watching movies together!

— Simple ways to celebrate the family by Little BGCG among other things…

As a parent, celebrating family begins when we wake each morning with hugs and snuggles and doesn’t end until I’ve tucked my children in at night.

— Great ways to celebrate the family by Rockin Mama.

Home grown families come in all different shapes and sizes and, in the end, it’s really about how YOU celebrate your family. In my family, we travel.

— Excerpted from Home Grown Families.

You can celebrate family on a smaller, more meaningful scale on a daily basis by telling them and/or showing them how much you love them.

— Caring ways to celebrate the family by Slick Housewives.

When I ask my sons what they like best when we go to México, they always say, the food! the piñatas! the fiestas! and of course playing with their cousins!

— Check out great ways to celebrate the family by Mama Latina Tips.

With the recent release of Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta!, teaching your children about Latin family traditions just got a whole lot easier and of course, fun!

— Excerpted from Justice Jonesie.